Meetha Kachori

Product :saffron syrup
Category : deserts
Nº of Portions :4
Origin : -
Source : -

Method :
Sieve the flour and besan into a bowl. Rub ghee into the flour with fingertips. Bind with water. Knead well until dough is smooth. Cover and chill for fifteen minutes. Mix all filling ingredients together. Roll out dough into flat discs about 4 inch in diameter. Place a tsp if filling in the centre. Seal the dough. Fry kachoris over a slow flame in hot oil. When golden, drain. Break the top of the kachories and pour in 1 tbsp saffron syrup before serving.
Advice :
250 gm flour
1 tbsp gram flour (besan)
1 tbsp ghee
Water for kneading
Oil for deep frying
Saffron syrup


150 g khoya
100 g castor sugar
100 g chopped dried fruits
1 tsp green cardamom seed

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