Product :saffron
Category : deserts
Nº of Portions :4
Origin : Persian Gulf
Source : From the book ?THE ESSENTIAL SAFFRON COMPANION? by John Humphries

Method :
Boil the sugar and water together until the sugar is dissolved, then add the rose water and saffron. Remove from heat but keep warm. Mel butter in a pan and gradually stir in the flour to a smooth paste. Cook over a low heat until golden in colour. Over a very low heat, slowly add the syrup to a blend into a smooth paste. Remove from heat immediately. While still warm, spread on to a plate and press down with the back of a dessert-spoon, making a pattern with the spoon. Serve cold, cut into small wedges, accompanied by toast and tea.
Advice :
250 g sugar
125 ml water
60 ml rose water
4 teaspoons liquid saffron
250 g unsalted butter
250 g plain flour

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