Martín Alonso,
Head Chef at the Parador de Albacete
Interest in diversity and rich cuisine is a concern that has led our Chairman, Luis Valeriano González, to have collected recipes for decades, of saffron and other products from all cultures and countries, forming an enviable collection we wish to share.

Another concern our company has is to encourage new culinary proposals. This led, in 2003, to collaboration with the Parador Nacional de Albacete, where a menu has been prepared exclusively for Safinter, S.A. in which all the dishes have saffron as an ingredient.

We select these recipes so you can enjoy cooking with us.

Chicken Cream Soup with Almonds

Poach chicken breast in 1 cup stock diluted with 1 cup of water. Steep the saffron threads Safinter in wine 20 minutes. Simmer all ingredients except chicken in double boiler 1 hour. Add chicken, heat through....(+ info)


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