Category 1 ground saffron to Standard ISO 3632, presented in sachets of 0.125g for 2-4 helpings. Inside each sachet, there is a carefully folded parchment paper containing ground saffron that conserves all its properties, far from the light and all oxidation that might alter its quality. It is the ideal way to use saffron efficiently, quickly and effectively in the kitchen.

- Sachets of 0.125g, 0.5g (4 joined sachets of 0.125g)
- Blister of 0.5g and 0.625g containing 4 and 5 sachets respectively.
- Special pack to prepare "rissoto al funghi" with a sachet of saffron (0.125g) and dehydrated Boletus edulis (4g).
by biT-oNe