Visit our fields during the harvest
Safinter, S.A. offers you one of the World's most wonderful experiences, in cooperation with a prestigious company specialized in gastronomic tours. A weekend tour of Albacete invites you to participate in a unique culinary experience. You can take part in the harvest of Saffron, the World's most expensive and highly-appreciated spice, on Saffron fields belonging to Safinter, S.A. Discover the renowned Saffron from Albacete, in the land where the highest quality is produced. This unique experience will be complemented by meals which include Saffron as the main ingredient. If you need additional information (a brochure), please write to us.
Safinter S.A., C/ Teodoro Roviralta 21-23 08022 Barcelona (Spain) Tel. +34 93 212 04 22

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