Safinter S.A. Laboratory, Barcelona
Safinter S.A. has meant saffron for more than 90 years. That long experience and the quality controls it applies to the product are the basis of its success.

Safinter S.A. scrupulously controls all the processes its products undergo. After selection at origin, the products reach our plant and are stored for conservation under optimum humidity and temperature conditions. A sample of each batch is analysed at our laboratory, in order to adapt to the required quality specifications. Our customers are informed of the results of the analysis of the products, thus fulfilling the quality commitment.

In 1980, Safinter S.A. created the first private laboratory dedicated exclusively to researching saffron.  The spectophotometry studies carried out at this laboratory contributed to drafting and subsequent review of Standard ISO 3632, in which Safinter S.A. collaborated as sole Spanish representative. The standard, published in 1993, was used to standardise the quality parameters of saffron. Since 1993, Safinter S.A. has only commercialised and labelled saffron according to its category, complying with the specifications of the ISO Standard. Subsequently, due to proliferation of adulterations with artificial colorants on the international market, the company collaborated in studies of saffron adulteration, presenting these at the 1st International Congress of Pigments in Food Technology (1999) under an agreement with the UCLM (University of Castilla La Mancha). That work, along with other contributions, led to a review of standard ISO 3632 in 2003, which is now in force.

TLC to detect colourings

On including La Vera Paprika as a Safinter product, it adapted the laboratory to that spice and to the ASTA (American Spice Trade Association) standards. These standards are the most accepted to analytically determine the quality of red pepper or paprika, that establishes the ASTA degrees on the basis of the sample colour. The red pepper commercialised by Safinter S.A. exceeds 120 ASTA during the whole season.

Safinter S.A. is a member of the Spanish Spices and Condiments Packing Association (AEC). It fulfils all the European standards in force on hygiene, traceability and contaminants, as well as the recommendations by the ESA (European Spice Association) and ASTA. Safinter S.A. has adapted to the standards in different countries and the specific needs of its customers.

Safinter S.A., C/ Teodoro Roviralta 21-23 08022 Barcelona (Spain) Tel. +34 93 212 04 22

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